Death House - Prologue

Adley reached back for the light switch. If the bulb still worked, the obscure image would disappear the moment the light when on. The bright flash relieved her sense of unease when she looked back at the corner but only for the briefest moment. As predicted, the shadow was no longer there.
Now it stood right in front of her.
A long string of bones whipped out the top of the obsidian mass, tethered on the end to a spidery hand. It whipped itself straight at her. Adley jerked to the side, and the clawed limb smashed into the door and locked it. Too immobilized to scream, she ran to the other corner of the room, farthest from the door.
She grabbed a frame off the dresser and threw it at the dark mass. The shadow dissolved. She willed every ounce of strength in a sprint for the door. From out of nowhere, the hand shot out in front of her and spread its fingers like a catcher’s mitt ready to grab whatever came its way.
Adley slid beneath the bones and dove toward the door as if she was sliding into home base. The spindly object grabbed her foot as she hit the door. She kicked at it, and her foot crushed the bony hand. It broke into pieces that scattered across the floor, clattering like a bowl of marbles.
The creature cackled and whispered clearly into her ear, “Aaad—”
“Shut up!” she shouted. “Don’t say it! You have no right to speak my name!”
She grabbed hold of the handle, ignoring the freezing burn on her skin and yanked the door open. Adley looked back.

Five skeletal fingers with deadly sharp tips flew directly at her face.

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