Thursday, November 30, 2017

A 5-Star Debut Novel by Constance Hood

This is Why We Love Reading!

Islands of Deception: Lying With the Enemy is an enjoyably consuming novel which hooks the reader from the first sentence, all the way to the last. I was often, and easily, brought to the edge of my seat.

Constance Hood delivers a powerful and riveting account of a young man in search of fulfilling his dreams, only to find himself immersed in a world of espionage and intrigue. Although the topic of World War II has been written about time and again, Hood proves her ability to create a savory original and well-researched story based on documented events.

This smooth flowing and provocative novel is filled with engaging descriptions, historical facts of interest, and highly unexpected twists. Islands of Deception: Lying With the Enemy will provide a reader of any genre with an entirely satisfying reading experience.

Watch for the January 15, 2018 release date by Waves Press.

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